A unique design.

The brand creative dimension began to emerge in the years of the “dolce vita” and it soon turned out to be a big revolution in home decor: TAITÙ has been the first to bring colour on the table and to intoduce the freedom to “mix” the beauty of its porcelain, according to everyone’s personal taste, defining an innovative and versatile approach.

set di 4 cuscini TAITÙ

Innovative concepts.

TAITÙ freedom to combine and use the tableware results in the Mix&Match concept and in the modular collections: a kaleidoscopic accord of shapes, colours and subjects. Freedom to combine collections in a thousand ways, bringing new emotions on the table every day.
TAITÙ innovation is one of a kind: the TABLEWARE, HOME and My TAITÙ concepts, as well as the authentic luxury and the passion for beauty enlighten every moment of the daylife.


TAITÙ colours and decorations, closely linked with nature as well as geometrical and architectural shapes, succeed in instilling deep emotions. As always, TAITÙ continues to be characterized by its high craftmanship, both in design and in manufacture. From the sketch to the the draft, every decoration is hand drawn in every detail. Each leaf is indeed the result of more than 7 shades of green.
This microscopic perfection of TAITÙ products echoes to the manufacture, made by master artisans, able to make the most out of colours, designs and shapes on the finest materials, Fine Bone China and Fine Porcelain, but also on textiles in fine precious cotton, hand embroidered with painstaking expertise.

set di 4 tazzine espresso & piattino TAITÙ
espresso cup and saucer TAITÙ

Italian Style.

Quality, indeed, is always the best choice: the Italian design, the pure lines of the collections and the innovative TAITU’s concepts as the Mix&Match do not go unnoticed to the exacting curiosity of the greatest Italian and international chefs. The greatest Maestro Alain Ducasse, a true espresso lover, has chosen to serve coffee in ERBE Collection’s cups at his country Inns in Tuscany: a precious decoration for a constellation of 21 Michelin Stars.


Colour, Beauty and Freedom.

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Geometrie insolite, colori intensi e motivi affascinanti. Rompi l’ordinario e vieni a scoprire le collezioni Taitù nel nostro showroom

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