Common and similar things surround you. You seek new stimuli, but nothing and no one manage to interpret your own, unique and unconventional lifestyle. It’s time to break the mould and opt for a style that reflects your personality. A style that does not make you conform to habits, conventions and boredom.

Be You. Be TAITÙ.

Proposta di servizi di piatti in porcellana e accessori per la casa colorati per un risultato fuori dagli schemi.

Emotions on your table.

For the first time ever TAITÙ has brought colour on the table, introducing collections able to arouse strong emotions and to convey optimism and joie de vivre both in the daily life and in special occasions.

Since 1960, when opened the historical flagship in via Bigli in Milan, the accessories have always been vehicle of a gentle revolution, which make gatherings around the table the last bastion against the habit of haste. Sitting together around the table and sharing meals are part of an ancient ritual, which ends up in sharing much more: time, looks and emotions.

Thinking outside the box.

Innovation has always been TAITÙ leading principle, conceving collections of tableware and home, table and personal accessories thinking outside the boxes: these objects boost your immagination and personal talent to invent original Mix&Matches.

A work in harmony with all areas of design, unified by a concept that naturally connects indoor and outdoor, nature and home, inspiration and functionality. So that the user himself can become an artist in the infinite possibilities of customizing the object, transforming it into a living presence.

espresso cup and saucer TAITÙ
peperoncino - piattino TAITÙ

Colour, Beauty and Freedom.

These are the three inspiring concepts of TAITÙ.

A brand that, in over 50 years, has succeeded in creating an equilibrium based of simple things, brought forth by a profound technical knowledge and a deep sense of beauty.

And this is extactly the soul of the Queen Taitù, a legendary character and a muse for a brand that has always anticipated the evolution of taste, to be modeled after the primeval equilibrium of nature, producing “wise” objects to be used with joy.

For – as the poet John Keats wrote – “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”.


A precious and revolutionary beauty.

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I valori.

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