Shop-window of the month - March 2019

From wedding lists to a global approach: also a historic shop can turn into a store of the future. Take a look at TAITÙ March’s shop window!

«Here at Prochet in Turin, we think about TAITÙ from early in the mornin’!»
It is out of spontaneity and enthusiasm that Prochet, historic shop down the street from Piazza Castello in Turin, decided to include in their already wide range of luxury tableware brands also TAITÙ collections, as a fresh and innovative element.
Prochet dedication for “things of beauty” has more than 150 years of history, since 1861, and still nowadays narrates the evolution of tableware art.
As a matter of fact, the shop itself is evolving according to the client’s needs: it was among the first to firmly support TAITÙ HOME concept by welcoming the Tableau trays and Bouquet vases collections.

In keeping with this successful new global approach, a wedding list icon like Prochet in Turin opts for the diversification strategy.
Prochet store in Turin, Italy
Prochet dynamism expresses itself not only in the wide assortment, but above all in the variegated offer to the client: from the outdoor space, dedicated to the growing interest in the “outdoor dimension” of the home, to the lively events and workshops calendar. Prochet is the proof that also a historic shop can turn into a store of the future.

Published April 3rd 2019